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8 Brocade pieces Qi Gong in 2 light files for quick download. In part 1, the course is in the form of a series of photos and in part 2, the course is in video form. The explanations are detailed and precise for easy learning.

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Qi Gong online course

Photos part : 19,05 minutes – 39 Mo – mp4
Video part : 19,38 minutes – 133 Mo – mp4

Les 8 pièces de Brocart

The 8 Brocade pieces or BaDuanJin, are a series of eight movements that allow deep stretching of the acupuncture meridians and relaxation of the whole body, thus promoting the circulation of Qi and blood. They stretch the tendons to make them supple like silk.
They tone the heart, strengthen the lungs and the digestive system. This exercise is classified in the External Qi Gong category 'Wei Dan', which means in a broad sense, strengthening the body, a 'shield' effect that better protects against external aggressions.

About Qi Gong

“Qi Gong” literally translates to “energy work”. The origin of Qi gong dates back to antiquity, from the era of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. As energy gymnastics, Qi gong represents one of the branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a discipline that strengthens the immune system.
Practiced regularly, it keeps the body healthy, toned and supple. The Taoists consider energy gymnastics as part of the arts of longevity. It restores mobility, agility and balance to the body. Qi Gong is also known to be an excellent complement to the practice of Tai Chi.

The benefits

Qi Gong is a Chinese energy gymnastics practiced for 5000 years. This practice allows for daily self-improvement by offering to develop physical fitness, promote relaxation, relieve stress and improve breathing capacity.
Some of the tangible benefits of Qi Gong include improved strength, coordination and flexibility, reduced pain and stiffness, improved concentration and an overall sense of well-being. By practicing this discipline regularly, one can also improve one's sleep and increase one's vital force.

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